Camp Onaway

Work Week

Ever thought about giving back to Camp Onaway as an adult? Work Week provides the perfect opportunity to utilize your skills. We’re seeking assistance with various tasks such as painting, stacking firewood, cleaning, construction, and more. Your contribution is crucial in preparing Onaway for the arrival of 1,000 youth on our island.


October 18-20, 2024


We work during the day from breakfast until dinner, with a break for lunch. After dinner is free time to sit by the fire and socialize.

All adults ages 21 or older. Bring your friends!

All skill sets and experience levels welcomed! Examples of projects include; cleaning and securing boats for the winter, breaking down swim area and putting supplies away, cutting wood, general cleaning of the buildings, supply storage for the winter, and so much more!

Leader rooms, cabins, Chore Boys, Piety, Mess Hall, etc. are used

No, all food is supplied. If you have a dietary restriction, please tell us before Work Week so we can notify the cook.

Work clothes, work gloves, and “Onaway Standard Equipment” (sleeping bag, shower supplies, etc.)

You don’t have to, but can if you would like. Label your tools before you come so they don’t get mixed up with the rest. We recommend bringing a pair of leather or work gloves.

Plan to drive yourself/your group to the island. Check the list of people who are coming to see if you are able to carpool. Please park at the landing parking lot or the upper lot. Once at the landing, call the Onaway number and someone will come with a boat.

Yes, any amount of help, helps.

Sign Up for Work Week!

To sign up, visit or call the Brigade office at (920) 725-3983 and inform us of the day(s) you can participate. Alternatively, you can sign up via email by reaching out to us at We look forward to hearing from you!