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Grades 5-12

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Our system breaks down the mysteries of music theory, opens up new worlds of improvisation and composition, shows you how to get real results from your study and practice, pushes you personally, and teaches you…to teach yourself. Private lessons are available for vocals and almost every instrument.

Once you register for lessons below, a member of the music team will reach out to you via email to coordinate a time for lessons and instructions about payment.

Cost: $125 per month for (2) hour-long individual lessons

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Music Staff

Bryan Butelefski

Music and Technology Administrator

Bryan Butelefski is a WAMI nominated freelance musician and a member of the Neenah Arts Council.

A little more about Bryan…

Bryan studied Music Performance at UW Stevens Point and lives in Neenah with his wife and children. He specializes in rhythm section instruments (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano). He has performed throughout the Midwest and enjoys recording original music out of his home studio in his free time.

Addie Duvall

Music & Tech Staff

Marcus Wittmann

Music & Tech Staff

Korey Krause

Music & Tech Volunteer

Sophia Dionne

Music & Tech Volunteer

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