Hobby Clubs

Hobby Clubs, formerly known as Discover Mini Series, are an opportunity to spend more time at the Boys & Girls Brigade doing your favorite activities with those who share your interests! You don’t need to be a registered Brigader to join.

Summer Hobby Clubs

Our Creative Writing Club is open to youth who have completed 5th-12th grades. Students will have the opportunity to engage in free-writing exercises, share their stories aloud, learn techniques to overcome writer’s block, and respond to prompts.

Put those dance skills to the test! Groups of students will have the ability to create their own dance and perform live in the Brigade Auditorium. This will be available to kids ages 8 to 17.

Run club is open to students in grades 5th through 12th. We will focus on sprints and long-distance running, which is an excellent opportunity to stay in shape for fall sports over the summer! Run club will take place at Fritse Park in Neenah (899 N Lake St. Neenah), so runners must be dropped off there at 8:00 AM and picked up at 9:00 AM.


Karate is great, fun exercise that enhances your confidence, teaches you how to defend yourself, helps you develop patience, and encourages your growth! Instructor Pat Claggett is a great teacher with an excellent commitment to his students. Participants will have the opportunity to test and earn belts and should plan on attending at least one day per week.


Soccer Basics will introduce your child to the basics of soccer and familiarize them with ball control, shooting, and dribbling. It’s a great starter for kids who are just learning or are getting back into soccer!

We will meet at Mahler Park (1536 S Park Ave, Neenah, WI 54956) in Neenah on Tuesdays.


“I found a lot of comfort in that red brick building known as Brigade. I could always count on it to refill me. I’ve made lifelong friendships and learned the true value of hard work.”

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